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M3GAN and the Iliberal Left

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A friend recently told me about the new horror movie "M3GAN" about a robot named M3GAN who was built to protect a small child, but the robot becomes overzealous.  Spoiler ahead:

  As an example, the little girl visits the neighbors, and their dog starts barking at her, as many dogs do when visitors arrive.  M3GAN views the dog as a threat to the girl and kills the dog.

While I haven't seen the movie, upon hearing this description I realized that this is what happens when one takes general rules of thumb and interprets them as absolute rules.  

I feel like something similar is happening within the culture of the far left.  They start with claims about what often happens, or what's usually a social step in the right direction, but then lose the modifiers "often" and "usually".  For example, it is reasonable to claim that the CEOs of large corporations often exploit their workers. It is unreasonable to say that they always exploit their workers, and that it is therefore unethical to be a CEO of a large corporation.  It is reasonable to say that most injustices protect the wealthy and harm the poor.  One cannot conclude, however, that any law or ruling that sides with a wealthy party is inherently unjust.  For example, if a homeless person is caught shoplifting from a bodega, is caught by the shopkeeper, and violently assaults the shopkeeper, that homeless person should be prosecuted regardless of the economic disparity between the parties.

There's nothing wrong with being part of the political left.  Just don't go "full M3GAN".